While emergency warranty situations are rare, when they occur, prompt response is essential. Begin by checking items that you can. Troubleshooting tips appear in your Homeowner Manual for several of your home’s components:

  • Air conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Heat system
  • Plumbing
  • Roof (leak)
  • Water heater

Please refer to the individual categories to review these hints; you will find them at the end of the corresponding sections. Often the appropriate action by you can solve a problem immediately or mitigate the situation until a technician arrives.

If your review of the troubleshooting tips fails to solve the problem, call our warranty manager at:

(423) 791-1345

If no one is available to answer, please leave a message, as we check this regularly.  We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.  If we have not contacted you within a short time period, please call again, call (423) 913-2555 extensions 103, 104 or 102, or you may call the necessary trade contractor or utility company directly. Their phone numbers are listed on the Emergency Phone Numbers card located in the business card sleeve in your Homeowner Manual.

Our trade contractors or local utility companies provide emergency responses to the following conditions:

  • Total loss of heat when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees F
  • Total loss of electricity
  • Total loss of water
  • Plumbing leak that requires the entire water supply to be shut off

Note that if a service (gas, electricity, water) is out in an entire area, attention from the local utility company is needed. Trade contractors are unable to help with such outages.

Air Conditioning. Understandably, if your air conditioner is not working, you want it fixed quickly. In a typical scenario, many other homeowners across our region will discover they too need service on their air conditioners on the same hot day that you do. The trades who address these needs generally respond to calls on a first come, first served basis. If your call for service comes during this time period, you may wait several days for a technician to arrive. For this reason, we recommend that you operate your air conditioner as soon as warm temperatures begin. This way, if service is needed, you can avoid the rush and get a more satisfactory response.

Roof Leak. While we agree with homeowners that a roof leak is indeed an emergency, the reality is that repairs cannot safely or effectively be performed while the roof is wet. During business hours, contact our office with the information, take appropriate steps to mitigate damage, and we will follow up when conditions make repairs possible.